New avenues

Bloom VR/XR headset is your provider to the world of fresh opportunities. It takes your daily routine to the next level.


Everywhere, having your desktop with important apps and notes right in front of your eyes just by one click. Place yourself comfortably on a chair, sofa, floor or bench in the park and work. Your glasses will arrange your working space for you.


Your favorite games feeling every bit of them. You can literally attack with your hands, as a real warrior, move objects with your glance, as a magician, and use your voice to communicate with things and creatures.


New surroundings, pictures, games, music or whatever you want feeling fully engaged in creating. Bring your works of art to life, take them to another level. Make music on the street, paint the buildings, create a dragon on a statue of Liberty - no boundaries to your imagination.


A picture's worth a thousand words, so now you have it. Just think about it: you can take up any new skill by experiencing it from the beginning. A surgeon can learn how to do a surgery, a driver how to drive, a pilot how to fly a plane, and everything is without leaving the room.


In any of the experiences

Synchronize your routines and feel next to your workmates or loved ones even being away. They will see what you see, and take control over all objects you have inside of your MR world.

No external devices needed

Bloom glasses are a full-fledged PC and equipped with everything you need just to put them on and enjoy your experience without connecting them to any other gadget.

RGB cameras will provide you with 8-MP
pictures and 1080p video resolution.

Communicate easily using speakers
and a built-in microphone.

Stay online wherever you are since Bloom
headset is fitted with a SIM card slot.

Considering the variety of functions Bloom glasses can provide — you're able to use it instead of any other gadget, having everything you need in one

Lightweight, portable, classy

Use Bloom headset wherever you want and as long as you wish. It doesn't matter what you're doing: ride a bike, walk around the city, work, study or drive.

Bloom headset will complement your outfit as a pair of elegant glasses and due to the long-lasting battery, you don’t have to worry about having it turned off, and use it non-stop during the day.
You can use Bloom headset both outside and inside due to the front transitions lenses ability to adapt to the changing lighting and switch between colored and see-through lenses.
With an ability to switch between active and sleep mode, when it’s comfortably placed around your neck, you can take it with you everywhere.

Feel the next-gen
Operating System

A different sensation level of physical and mental engagement. Bloom OS is the first system software that was specifically designed to fully experience virtual, augmented and mixed realities. It makes any device a platform to merge an outside world and your fantasy. You can place any virtual object into the real world and enjoy using while feeling it as a real one.

Explore Bloom OS Features

Merge the worlds

Blur the lines between physical and virtual worlds. Bloom headset is able to read and map the environment, as well as your body position in it. You can merge the virtual objects with the real world, place and pin them on the surfaces of the meatspace, and rest assured that your device will follow you in every action and remember everything you do.
Manage your space, fulfill it with applications and items you need, and have your desktop look same even after restoration of a system from the sleep mode.

Speak, point, look

Take control over applications with your voice, gesture or even glance.

Bloom headset uses AI to learn how you speak and gesticulate, so you can easily create your own way to communicate with the device.

Take programming
to a different level

Find plenty of opportunities and tools for app, web and game development.
Both 2D and 3D world support facilitate building and testing your own applications or websites.
Feel fully immersed into the process of creating new digital experiences.

Devkit Coming soon